> Angkor Wat

First Look
Sanskrit Inscriptions
Bomb Crater
Ta Prom
Dizzying Descent
Poor Fiona
Inappropriate Footwear
More Monkeys
Baby Monkey
Enough Is Enough
Little Guy
We No Longer Need Weapons
Landmine Museum
Baby Monkey Attack!
Nap Time
Bridge to Angkor Thom
Tuk Tuk Driver
Approach to Angkor Wat
Dr. Fiona
Dope Monk
Sleepy Monkeys
Khmer Kiss

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Dr. Fiona

Dr. Fiona

One of the kids at our guesthouse got a cut and Fiona whipped out the Man or Beast ointment to treat it. Of course, all the kids within a five mile radius immediately turned up and started pointing to their tiniest little cuts and bruises in hopes of scoring a band-aid and a little sympathy from Dr. Fiona.