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January 06, 2006

Another busy day, I spent the morning today tidying up some of my investment transactions, and hopefully we'll be meeting with our financial adviser on Monday and pretty soon I'll be back to minimal supervision on the money side of things.  Jeremy sent out an email to see if anyone wants to donate old laptops to people in Africa, and we've already had some "maybe" replies.  It would be so amazing if we could get some stuff together to take over with us.

Then we went for a drive out to the Berlin Turnpike to visit an Army/Navy surplus store and a camping store.  I have asked Jeremy never to take me there again - I don't think I've ever been so scared since... since I saw The Blair Witch Project for the first time.  It really felt like we were right out in Hicksville, we passed a Roy Rogers, an old diner, Doogie Dogs which sells foot-long hot dogs (WHY???), a cowboy shop, a shop only for safety shoes, and numerous dodgy pay-by-the-hour motels before we reached the Army/Navy store which was filled with WWII memorabilia, loads of army clothing and moose heads hanging all over the walls.  It was soooooo scary.  There was a twenty-something-year-old guy trying to impress his 15 year old girlfriend by shopping for bags for his magazines (you can hear her defending him to her friends saying "he's so misunderstood") and I swear if anyone had come in in a trenchcoat I would have been out of there before anyone could say "I have a right to bear arms".  I ended up hiding in the car (with the doors locked) waiting for Jeremy, with my escape route already planned out in case some psycho popped up next to the car window.  I've been a lot of places, and that definitely rates as one of the scaries.  Jeremy has been instructed to never take me there again.  Needless to say we didn't buy anything as the last thing we need is to go to Africa looking like we just stepped off the Freedom Fighters bus. 

On the way home we stopped by Janet's and visited before Stephanie leaves tomorrow.  We had a delicious Indian dinner and hung out for a while before back home to do some more microfinance reading.  Call me a nerd but I'm really enjoying reading these analytical papers on the effects/advantages/disadvantages of microfinance - kinda feels like uni days again (except I don't have to hand in any papers).

Double shift Saturday and Sunday, here we go again...


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