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February 03, 2006

Today we had another meeting in the afternoon which carried on into a very fun barbeque dinner in a funky neighbourhood of San Francisco.  Catie and Greg joined us too which was great because they were able to meet some of the people we've been gabbing about over the last couple of days.

I never realised having a baby could take this long.  I feel like I want to call Angie and offer some suggestions like jumping on the trampoline but I think that would result in a nuclear explosion which most likely Harold would have to suffer.  The worst part is that for me it would be a joke, but I know it wouldn't be funny where the action is actually happening.

February 02, 2006

Another day working from home today, and I found myself again getting into that "zone" where you just stare at the computer screen so long that you kind of forget that you do exist in a realm of time and space.  We ordered our business cards in the afternoon, which definitely was exciting.  I also found out that things are moving along in the Auntie Fiona department, so we're waiting for a phonecall.

Jeremy made a nice dinner of penne with vodka sauce (I can't believe Greg, being Russian, didn't have any vodka in the house!) and we had a nice dinner together.  Greg and Catie are such a great time and really fun (and easy) to stay with.  We're going to miss them when we go.

February 01, 2006

As Jeremy had some testing he needed to do on a pc yesterday we didn't go into the office but worked from Catie and Greg's apartment.  We have a lot of reading and brainstorming to do, and Jeremy has a lot of techo type stuff to do, and as we were meeting with some Kiva people in San Francisco in the afternoon it made sense not to spend 3 hours travelling to San Carlos and back. 

We had a great meeting in the afternoon which evolved into seeing some of San Francisco, including the famous City Lights bookstore and the steepest street I have ever driven on in my LIFE!  I wonder that there is not a mandatory annual brake-testing for all cars driven in San Francisco as this place has some steep hills.  Even I was very nervous a few times. 

Jeremy checked out a local cheese shop with 350 cheeses and we did a little bar-hopping in the Mission district.  The more I see of this place the more I love it, the more it reminds me of Melbourne and the more I feel like I could definitely see myself living here.  Everyone is so damn happy.  I keep waiting for the catch, but I'm not quite sure what it is.

Still waiting for Harold and Angie's baby to come along... as we don't know the sex Jeremy says I don't know yet if I'm going to be an aunt or an uncle. 

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